​The Healthier SG pilot, from 15th May 2023 to 15th June 2023, aims to validate as many workflows and systems as possible, in order to seek out unanticipated gaps for rectification prior to the full launch of Healthier SG in July 2023.  The end-to-end resident journey (from enrolling into Healthier SG, seeing the GP for the first consult, setting of health goals, to attending clinical and social/ lifestyle activities) will be carried out during the pilot.  Four pilots have been planned across Singapore. 

To support the efficient and effective execution of the pilot, all stakeholders are requested to carry out a list of actions. For pilot GP clinics, these tasks and responsibilities are as follows:

Key Tasks
Co-develop Health Plan for residents during the first visit.
To develop a personalised Health Plan for each enrolled resident as guided by the Healthier SG Care Protocols.
Ensure that residents understand the health goals stated in their Health Plans.
To clarify and explain to residents the nature and importance of the health goals which they have co-developed.
Make necessary referrals in support of the Health Plan.
Ensure the relevant referrals to the appropriate clinical and social/ lifestyle activities have been provided to the resident post-consult.
4 Provide assistance to residents who encounter difficulties while participating in the pilot.
Refer residents who encounter difficulties with any Healthier SG-related matters to the Healthier SG Ambassadors stationed at participating Community Centres within the pilot wards.
5 Submission of Health Plan
Ensure successful submission of Health Plan (via Primary Care Digital Services (PCDS) or a Healthier SG-compatible CMS).
6 Complete 2 pilot-related surveys at pre-determined intervals.
To assist with feedback and information gathering for analysis. Tentatively to be done at the mid- and end-point of the pilots.

You may have attended a recent training session to prepare for this pilot, please feel free to refer to the training materials here

For more information or clarifications on Healthier SG, please contact AIC at the GP Helpline (65) 6632 1199, or email us at gp@aic.sg. You may also contact your respective Account Manager

The following materials and resources may help support clinic operations during the Healthier SG pilot from 15th May 2023 to 15th June 2023.

​​​​Healthier SG coordinating information 

​To serve as a guide for Healthier SG.

Healthier SG Care Protocols

​To provide simple, evidence-based guidance for preventive care and the management of common chronic conditions, including available programmes and support.

​​Healthier SG Stan​dard Operating Procedures (SOP)​​

(Restricted Access)

Detailed operational reference and guide for Healther SG clinic staff and GPs​.

Primary Care Digital Services (PCDS) Guide

​A detailed step-by-step guide on PCDS functions.

Healthier SG Pilot Training Deck​

(Restricted Access)

​Training materials that were covered during the recent Healthier SG Pilot training sessions.

​Quick Reference Guide^

​To provide key information for the administration of Healthie​r SG.​

​Healthier SG Decal^

To be displayed at the clinic’s entrance to allow residents to identify the clinic as a Healthier SG clinic​.

​Healthier SG Poster^

To be displayed for residents to refer to for information on Healthier SG.

​Healthier SG Brochures^

For clinic to distribute to patients as a reference for information on Healthier SG.

Health Plan Booklet^

For enrolees without smartphones, or who have difficulty using or are not using Healthhub to monitor their Healthier SG health plans.

Healthier SG Appoi​ntment Card​

​To indicate the next appointments for enrolees without smartphones, or who have difficulty using or are not using Healthhub.

Healthier SG Onboarding Questionnaire in English & Chinese, English & Malay, and English & Tamil

To issue to patients without smartphones, or who have difficulty using or are not using Healthhub, if required​.

​​Revised CHAS Referral Form^

​For direct referral of Healthier SG/ CHAS patients to:

Information on LIfestyle Programmes for Enrolees​^

Information on activities available in the area that GPs can refer their enrolees to as part of their Healthier SG Health Plans.

​Notice on Healthier SG Pilot Resident Feedback Questionnaire^

​​Notice to inform pilot enrolees that they may provide feedback on the Healthier SG pilot if they choose.

^Hard copies have been delivered to all pilot clinics.