GPs are the first to notice signs of mental health issues in patients. With a good understanding of mental health disorders, GPs would be better able to assess the patient and advise him/her on the treatment.

GPs who wish to enhance their expertise in this area can sign up for the Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (GDMH), a one-year programme jointly developed by IMH and NUS. It is specially tailored to equip GPs with the knowledge and skills required to assess, identify and manage various mental health disorders as part of holistic patient care.

You will be pleased to know that there is now 100% funding for GPs to pursue further studies through the Community Care Manpower Development Award administered by AIC. Click here for more info.  

In line with GDMH, AIC also oversees the Mental Health GP Partnership Programme (MHGPP),  which aims to support GPs in managing patients with mental health issues in the community. Through MHGPP, GPs have been able to apply their attained skills, to identify and treat their patients with mental health needs. Additionally, GPs and their patients have also benefitted from the increased access to community mental health services and more affordable medications. 

For more information on the diploma, please click here.​