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The Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) scheme consolidates the primary care response to public health emergencies such as the influenza pandemic, haze and anthrax outbreak into a single scheme for better management. The Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS) has also been subsumed under the PHPC scheme. While the specific roles of the PHPC may differ in different threats, the general function of the PHPC remains the same, which is to serve the primary healthcare needs of Singaporeans in times of national need.                
Roles of PHPC                                                    
As a PHPC, your clinic will be responsible to perform one or more of the following roles when activated during public health emergencies:                                         
  • Dispense medications (e.g. Tamiflu, antibiotics)                                         
  • Administer vaccinations (e.g. flu vaccines)                                          
  • Provide subsidised treatment (e.g. under the HSS) 
MOH Support to PHPCs
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Up to 12 weeks' supply of PPE for staff at no cost.
  • For staff prophylaxis, up to six weeks' supply of influenza anti-virals at no cost.     
Medications and Vaccines
For patient treatment, PHPCS will have the priority to receive appropriate antivirals, antibiotics, and/or vaccines from the national stockpile. PHPCs may also choose to procure the anti-virals, antibiotics and/or vaccines from commercial sources.
Training and Refresher Courses
MOH will also provide guidelines, e-learning courses and workshops to enable PHPC doctors and staff to build up their skillsets and maintain skills currency.

MOH E-learning portal:

Clinics have to have CDMP and CHAS accreditation in order to be on the PHPC scheme.  Click
here​ to apply for CDMP/CHAS accreditation.

If you are already an accredited CDMP & CHAS clinic, please apply online at MOH's Medisave Accreditation Application website (click here).

If you are already on PHPC scheme and require an onsite training to understand more about PHPC scheme, please click here to contact us.