​Family doctors delivering preventive and chronic care as a central pillar of Healthier SG have to consider the varied care needs of the population.  At the same time, the approach for delivering care and needs to be effective, consistent, well-coordinated and patient-centred. To this end, MOH initiated a multi-year effort to develop a clinical service roadmap for primary care in partnership with GP leaders from the College of Family Physicians Singapore (CFPS), Singapore Medical Association, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and healthcare clusters. As part of the roadmap, Care Protocols are being developed for common clinical situations where harmonisation of processes, clearer referral and data flows, and coordination of ancillary support services are essential.

At its launch, Healthier SG will have an initial set of care protocols for three of the most common chronic conditions - diabetes mellitus, hypertension and lipid disorders - as well as key lifestyle related areas such as cigarette smoking cessation and weight management.  Additional care protocols will be progressively developed in consultation with family doctors to cover other key chronic conditions where it would be beneficial to do so.  The roadmap will be reviewed periodically with family doctors and healthcare clusters to ensure continued relevance.

The care protocols in this portal have been organised into three categories: (1) Preventive Care, (2) Chronic Care, and (3) Administrative. 

Each care protocol provides clear and concise evidence-based guidance for assessing and managing a patient for a particular condition. They are developed with reference to the relevant national clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) guidelines as well as MOH circulars. They also cover recommended health screenings, medications, lifestyle adjustments, and escalation to specialist and acute care when necessary.  This way, residents can be assured that essential care elements are consistently carried out regardless of which doctor they choose to enrol with under Healthier SG.

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