Healthy Lifestyle Programmes are instructor-led activities designed to promote healthier living habits among residents who benefit from guided supervision. These programmes typically focus on various aspects of well-being, including physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and other health-related behaviors. They aim to encourage individuals to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles through education, support, and practical guidance. Examples of lifestyle programmes include exercise classes of various intensities, nutritional workshops, mental well-being courses, and more.

What is the HealthierSGEventsGoWhere Portal?

HealthierSGEventsGoWhere is a one-stop directory to encourage residents to adopt healthier lifestyle activities in between consultations.

GPs and other care providers may refer patients to a wide range of lifestyle programmes conducted by agencies or other community partners.

You/your patients may search for nearby Community Lifestyle Activities here

What does the portal offer?

HealthierSGEventsGoWhere portal offers a comprehensive selection of healthy lifestyle programmes (e.g. Brisk Walk, Zumba, Yoga, etc.) organised by Health Promotion Board (HPB), People’s Association (PA), Sport Singapore (SportSG), as well as Active Ageing Centres (AACs) and other community partners.

How to use: HealthierSGEventsGoWhere Portal

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