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The Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) scheme consolidates the primary care clinic response to public health emergencies such as influenza pandemic, haze and anthrax outbreak into a single scheme for better management. The Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS) has also been subsumed under the PHPC scheme. While the specific roles of the PHPC may differ in different threats, the general function of the PHPC remains the same, which is to serve the primary healthcare needs of Singaporeans in times of national need.                
Roles of PHPC                                                    
As a PHPC, your clinic will be responsible to perform one or more of the following roles when activated during public health emergencies:                                         
- Dispense medications (e.g. Tamiflu, antibiotics)                                         
- Administer vaccinations (e.g. flu vaccines)                                          
- Provide subsidised treatment (e.g. under the HSS)                 
MOH Support
Logistical support (i.e. personal protective equipment and prophylaxis for staff) will be provided to participating clinics to ensure that the doctors and clinic staff are adequately protected in times of public health emergencies. Similarly, priority for pharmaceuticals and vaccine supply from the national stockpile will be given to PHPCs in such situations.        
During peacetime, training will be made available to the PHPCs to help prepare them to be able to perform their roles during public health emergencies.
Table 1: Support from MOH to PHPCs
​Personal Protective Equipment
  • ​Up to 12 weeks' supply of PPE for staff at no cost.
  • For staff prophylaxis, up to six weeks' supply of influenza anti-virals at no cost.
​Medications and Vaccines
For patient treatment, priority to receive appropriate antivirals, antibiotics, and/or vaccines from the national stockpile. PHPCs may also choose to procure the anti-virals, antibiotics and/or vaccines from commercial sources.

​Guidelines, e-learning course and workshops, etc. to enable PHPC doctors and staff to familiarise themselves with MOH's guidelines, build up to skillsets and maintain skills currency.

MOH E-learning portal :


Participation in the PHPC

Clinics who are keen to be on PHPC, may sign up using the following channels:
  • Contact GP Helpline (65) 6632 1199 and email: or
  • Contact your respective account managers, please find their details from here or
  • Sign up online directly via MOH MMAE Application

PHPCs should also regularly update their contact details via MOH eLIS or to AIC by email ( to ensure that you receive the latest information.

Have a question/feedback or need assistance? Please click here

Activation of PHPCs for Flu Subsidy Scheme

Since 18 Feb 2020, PHPCs are progressively activated to administer the Flu Subsidy Scheme (FSS). Upon activation, please note the following websites:

  1. Listing of Activated PHPCs:
  2. Data Reporting:
  3. Revision in PHPCs' operating hours:

Swab & Send Home (SASH) Programme

Swab and Send Home Programme is for activated PHPCs administering FSS to do swabbing for patients who meet the set criteria at the clinics.

Should your clinic be ready, please email to sign up for the programme.


Swab And Send Home (SASH)
​Swab And Send Home (SASH) ​Resource pageView page
PHPC Clinic Guide (updated as of June 2017)

View & download

PHPC Haze Subsidy Scheme Guidelines

View & download

Infection Control Posters
​Poster​How to Handwash (Source: AIC)View and download
​Poster​How to Handrub(Source: AIC) View and download
​Poster​How to Don and Doff PPE (Source: CDC USA)View and download
Haze Subsidy Scheme 

2019 ​

MOH Circular - Haze Subsidy Scheme (HSS) 2019 dated 20 Sep 2019                   

View & download


MOH Circular - Cessation of the Haze Subsidy Scheme 2015 dated  16 Nov  2015

View & download
​MOH Circular - Update of Forms and Processes for the Haze Subsidy Scheme dated  15 Sept 2015
View & download

Haze Subsidy Scheme materials ( updated as of 20 September 2019)
Annex D: Haze Subsidy Scheme Poster Clinic 2019
View & download
​Annex E: HSS 2019 Deemed Consent Display Notice
View & download

​Annex F: HSS 2019 Workflow 
View & download
​Appendix 1: HSS 2019 Examples of claims for different scenarios
View & download
PHPC Haze Subsidy Guidelines
View & download
​Haze Advisory Poster (English-Chinese)
​View & download
​Haze Advisory Poster (Malay-Tamil)
View & download


Participate in this scheme

Clinics have to be accredited for CDMP and CHAS in order to be on the PHPC scheme. Click here to apply for the CDMP/CHAS accreditation.

If you are already an accredited CDMP & CHAS clinic, please apply online at MOH's Medisave Accreditation Application website (click here).

If you are already on PHPC scheme and require an onsite training to understand more about PHPC scheme, please click here.

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