Requisition of Vaccines

  1. This vaccine is supplied in multi-dose vials (without need for dilution). Each vial is sufficient for the administration of 6 doses. The minimum order for vaccines is 1 vial (i.e. 6 doses). Vaccines will be provided for free.
  2. The vaccine should be stored at 2°C - 8°C. The expiry date of each vaccine is labelled on the vaccine vial.
  3. Vaccines delivered should not be returned or exchanged.

How to place orders    

  1. Orders should be placed via the Zuellig Pharma Online Ordering Portal.
  2. Clinics need an eZRx account to place orders. Clinics may register for an account here.
  3. Do not place email or fax orders or orders via telephone.  All orders for vaccines and medical supplies should be placed via the Zuellig Pharma Online Ordering Portal.
  4. Clinics are encouraged to maintain supplies for the expected number of vaccinations for the next 5 to 7 days.

Order Cut-off time and expected delivery

  1. Orders submitted on business days before 10am (D1) will be delivered within 3 business days (D2 to D4).
  2. Orders submitted on business days after 10am (D1) will be processed on the following business day (D2) and will be delivered within the subsequent 3 business days (D3 to D5).
  3. Orders placed on Fridays or the eve of public holidays will be delivered within the next 3 business days.
  4. No orders will be processed on weekends and public holidays.

Urgent top-ups

  1. Urgent top-ups will be managed on a case-by-case basis by exception, subject to MOH approval. Urgent orders should be submitted on business days before 10am (D1) for delivery from the afternoon of the same day onwards (D1).
  2. For urgent top-up requests, contact Zuellig Pharma with your eZRX order reference number by calling 1800-546-9188 or via email at 

Medical Supplies for Vaccinations

  1. You may procure vaccination medical supplies from your usual supply sources. 
  2. The Table 1 list of medical supplies (including low dead volume needles/syringes) and collaterals for are available for order from Zuellig Pharma via eZRx, if needed. A 1-month supply cap based on projected number of vaccinations or daily throughput at steady state will be imposed. For queries on your order, contact Zuellig Pharma via email at or call 1800-546-9188 if you require assistance.
  3. Goods sold cannot be returned. Please order only what you need. 

Table 1: List of medical supplies and collaterals available for purchase.​

Syringes and Needles

Other Consumables
Vaccination Collaterals
  • Needles 23G, 1"
  • Needles 25G, 1"
  • Syringe 1ml

  • Alcohols Swabs, 100's
  • Sharp collectors 7.6L
  • Vaccination Card(s) - Pack of 500 EA
  • Pfizer Vaccination Forms (English/Chinese) - Pack of 500 EA
  • Pfizer Vaccination Forms (English/Malay) - Pack of 500 EA
  • Pfizer Vaccination Forms (English/Tamil) - Pack of 500 EA
  • Pfizer Vaccination Information Booklet (4 languages) - Pack of 100EA