Subsidised Vaccine List (SVL)

​Only selected vaccine brands listed on the SVL will be eligible for NAIS and NCIS vaccination subsidies. MOH may review the listings periodically, in response to new price proposals from manufacturers, regulatory approval of new vaccines and other changes in global market conditions. Only selected vaccine brands listed on the SVL will be eligible for vaccination subsidies.

Special Pricing Arrangements:
MOH has negotiated with vaccine manufacturers so that CHAS GP clinics can obtain nationally recommended vaccines listed on the Subsidised Vaccine List (SVL) at favourable prices. Legally-binding special pricing arrangements (SPAs) are in place to require the manufacturers to sell the vaccines listed in the SVL to CHAS GP clinics at no higher than MOH-negotiated procurement price caps (PPCs) from 1 Oct 2020.

​Vaccine Manufacturer​Contact details
​​Abott Labor​Abott hotline (69148000)
​AJ Biologics

​Charmaine Chock (
Sashi Varman (

This is only meant for the purchase of SPA vaccines under vaccination subsidy scheme at CHAS GP clinics.


​GSK hotline (6531 3030)
For any enquiries, pls contact your respective GSK Vaccines reps directly. Alternatively you can call the GSK hotline at 6531 3030. The hotline will direct your details and enquiry to a GSK Vaccine rep covering your area. As we are expecting high volume of calls, please allow at least 3 working days for the GSK Vaccine reps to come back to you.
​MSD​MSD hotline (6508 8400 ext 0)
​Pfizer​To submit query online using the Medical Information Enquiry Form
​Sanofi-Aventis​Hotline (62263836)


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