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Primary care will play a crucial role going forward as our nation’s healthcare delivery transforms. Besides good clinical training, primary care physicians will need to be empowered with appropriate IT tools so as to meet the increased demand for primary care through more productive ways.                        

Here at Primary Care Pages (PCP), we are your one-stop resource portal for the latest information on new and upcoming IT solutions available such as:

Digital solutions to improve your clinic operations and productivity                                           

Healthcare portals that support your patient care and government schemes administration                                           

Online portals for CDMP training and patient referrals to community care service providers                                           

Tax incentives for IT-related upgrades

CorpPass: New Login Solution for Greater Data Privacy Protection

What is CorpPass?
CorpPass is an integrated, self-service login platform for business users transacting on Government e-Services.

Currently, entities access government e-Services using their Singpass or EASY accounts. With CorpPass, entities will have a unique login account to access government e-Services. This would ensure greater data privacy protection for individuals as SingPass is only used for personal e-Service transactions.

​Apply for Flats
​Apply for Trade License
​Check CPF Balance
Apply for Business Grants
​File Personal Taxes
File Corporate Taxes
Table: e-Services for SingPass and CorpPass
  • How would CorpPass affect my clinic operations?

With CorpPass, GPs, clinic managers, and clinic assistants no longer need to use their SingPass to login to MOH e-Services such as Mediclaim. This can be done creating CorpPass user accounts within your clinic.                                       

  • Which government e-services are on board CorpPass?
Government e-services will be introduced progressively on CorpPass, please find below the MOH websites that are currently on board CorpPass:
  1. E-Learning Management System (E-LMS)
  2. Mediclaim – Medisave Balance Enquiry (MBE)
  3. Mediclaim – Private Integrated Medishield Coverage Enquiry (PMI)
  4. MOH Biosafety IT System (BIOSIS)
  5. MOH eLicensing for Healthcare (eLIS)
  6. MOH Infectious Diseases Reporting and Investigation System (IRIS)
  7. Mediclaim – Online
  8. MOH National Quality Assurance System (NQAS)
  9. MOH Postgraduate Training Management System (PTMS)
  10. MOH Specialist Exam Register (SER)
  11. Professional Registration System (PRS)
  12. Tissue and Research Application System (TIARAS)
  • How can i register for CorpPass?
Click here for a simple infographic on how to register for CorpPass. You will also need the following information ready:
  1. Clinic’s Unique Entity Number (UEN)
    • This is the standard identification number issued by ACRA or a relevant UEN-issuance agency for entities registered in Singapore

  2. Your personal information
    • NRIC
    • Email
    • SingPass login detail

  3. Your registered officer’s information (the key officer whose name is officially registered to your clinic. The registered officer can be yourself)
    • NRIC
    • Email
  • How to create CorpPass accounts for my clinic staff?
Click here to view how to create CorpPass accounts for your clinic staff.
CorpPass Helpdesk Support
Hotline: 6643 0577

Improving Clinic Operations and Productivity

  • Clinic Management Software (CMS)
CMS automates day-to-day administration and management of tasks in GP clinics. It streamlines clinic management processes such as patient record management, prescription and dispensing, and medical billing and payment. Since Dec 2015, certain CMS models also have a SmartCMS function which allows integration with public healthcare systems, enabling clinics to claim for subsidies e.g. CHAS, Haze Subsidy Scheme on behalf of eligible patients.
  • Who offers CMS today?            
Please click here to find the list of CMS vendors participating in the SmartCMS programme, or here to find out about GPConnect.

Healthcare Portals Supporting Your Clinic

  • MOH Healthcare Claims Portal (MHCP)
What is MHCP?                
MOH Healthcare Claims Portal (MHCP) is an upcoming, integrated one-stop portal for the administration of government healthcare schemes in primary care setting such as CDMP and CHAS.                                                                      

What are the benefits of MHCP?
    • Web-based portal, hence no installation required
    • Accessible from any location at any time with an Internet connection
    • In CDMP and CHAS clinics, claims for multiple schemes within the same visit date can be combined into one submission form
    • Claim amendment function for CHAS claims (currently not available in CHAS Online portal)
    • Uses CorpPass for logins. As such, clinic staff without SingPass can also access the portal.
    • Includes other MOH schemes, such as Flexi-Medisave, Screen for Life (SFL), Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) Scheme and more.
Click here for more information on MHCP.

  • National Electronic Health Record (NEHR)

What is NEHR?                                             

National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) is a patient data exchange system that enables clinicians and healthcare professionals to view patient health record across the national healthcare network, to support them in clinical decisions while treating patients.                                                                    

What information is in NEHR?
The NEHR includes information such as:
    • Admissions and visit history
    • Hospital inpatient discharge summaries
    • Laboratory results
    • Radiology results
    • Medication history
    • History of past operations
    • Allergies and adverse drug reactions
    • Immunisations
How do i sign up for NEHR? 
Contact 1800-6644-347 to sign-up for NEHR, or if you have problems accessing NEHR.

Click here for more information on NEHR.

E-learning for MOH national schemes

e-Learning for Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)
  • Why is the CDMP training shifted to an e-Learning platform?
The mandatory CDMP training was traditionally conducted as a half-day classroom lesson. Since November 2016, this training has been digitized as an online e-learning module. This allows GPs and clinic assistants to undergo the required training at their convenience, without disrupting clinic operations while ensuring a faster CDMP accreditation process.
  • How do i register for an e-learning session? 
 Proceed to to register for CDMP training for themselves or their clinic staff. An email notification from MOH will be sent to the designated email-address to access the e-learning platform. Training participants are given 30 days to complete the training course.

E-referral system for community care services

Medisave Authorisation Forms
Integrated Referral Management System
  • What is IRMS?
The Integrated Referral Management System (IRMS) is a one-stop online platform for Restructured Hospitals (RHs), Community Hospitals (CHs), Polyclinics, and the community to put up patient referrals for health and social care services. This greatly reduces the time taken to process the referrals and match patients with a suitable centre based on their health and social needs.                             
  • How do i use IRMS?
GPs would need to create a login account here before accessing IRMS.
Please write to if you would like to have access to IRMS

Tax Incentives for IT-related Upgrades

Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme

    • What is Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme?
The PIC scheme was introduced in Budget 2010 to encourage productivity and innovation activities in Singapore. Under the PIC scheme, clinics can enjoy 400% tax deductions/allowances for investments in:
      • Acquisition and Leasing of PIC approved IT and Automation Equipment such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, Microsoft Office and Clinic Management System (on case-by-case basis)
      • Training of Employees
For Year of Assessment (YA) 2013 to 31 Jul 2016, clinics can also exercise an irrevocable option to convert qualifying expenditure of up to $100,000 for each YA into cash, at a conversion rate of 60%. For qualifying expenditure incurred on or after 1 Aug 2016, the cash payout conversion rate will be reduced from 60% to 40%. 
Claiming for PIC benefits is straightforward. No prior approval from IRAS is required to claim for tax deductions/allowances. The enhanced deduction/allowances can be claimed in your Income Tax Return for the relevant YA by the filing due date. 

Doctors can register for PIC seminars held regularly by IRAS to understand how they may benefit from the PIC scheme. Doctors can also contact for assistance or clarification on PIC.
​Type of entity
​1800 356 8622
​For non-confidential enquiries, please click here to submit your email enquiries.
6351 3534
​For non-confidential enquiries, please click here to submit your email enquiries.

Please note that the PIC scheme will lapse after YA 2018. For more details on PIC Scheme, please click here.

  • Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV)
    The Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) is a simple to apply, easy-to-use voucher valued at $5,000 and clinics can use it; to offset the cost for CMS. Each clinic can apply up to a maximum of two vouchers to implement CMS.  Clinics to contact preferred CMS providers for more information.

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