Attachments to email dated 14 July 2020 - Updates to Covid-19 Matters (14 July 2021)


FileClick to download
​Annex 1 Press release on 7 JulDownload
​Annex 2 Email distributed on 4 JunDownload
​Annex 3 SMS examples with landing pagesDownload
​Annex 4 Example of an expired landing pageDownload
​Annex 5 Reference Sheet​Download
​Annex 6 BD letterDownload
​Annex 7 Email_Provision of Government-funded PCR Exit Swabs for PUPS from 25 June 2021.pdf Download
​1.1 MOH Cir 70_2021_7Jun21_COVID-19_Updated Testing Guidance.pdf​Download
​1.2_Referral Slip (PRPP)Download
​1.3 PRPP Downtime Referral Form (13 Jul)​Download
​1.4 PRPP User Guide for Medical Clinics v3.5 (3 Jul)​Download
​1.5 Reference Sheet for SASH Clinics on PCR Swab Sample Collection (28 Jun 2021)Download
​1.6 Quick Guide on Conveyance of COVID-19 Positive PatientsDownload
​1.7 Email_Annex A Hardcopy Referral Form​Download
​2.1 Surveillance Testing Operations (12 Jul 2021).pdf​Download
​3.1 Email_Provision of Govt_funded​Download
​3.2 SMS Templates and Clarification on Eligible Dates for a Government-funded PCR Swab Test to PUPS (24 June 2021).pdf​Download
​4.1 Email -
Reminder on Provision of Government-Funded Confirmatory PCR Swabs to Persons
with ART-Positive/Invalid Results and Valid Referral Letters
​4.2 SMS examples with landing pagesDownload
​4.3 Confirmatory PCR Referral Note.docxDownload
Email _Presentation materials at the Primary Care Webinar on 19 June 2021 and Workflow
for Government-funded Confirmatory Swabs for Self-tested Individuals with ARTPositive/
Double Invalid Results (SASH)
​5.2 Combined Self-Declaration Form and ART Notification (3 Jul)​Download
​7.1 Email_
New Groups from ILTC Providers Eligible for Government-funded COVID-19 PCR
Swab Tests
​7.2 Updated Approval Letter (4 June)Download

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