Managing Your Clinic Premises

​Changes to Clinic Operating Hours ​
  • ​Should there be any changes to your clinic's operating hours, please update MOH eLis here.
  • Please also update AIC with your revised operating hours here. You will receive an acknowledgement by the next working day.

Adoption of SafeEntry in all Healthcare Institutions from 12 May 2020 (FAQs)

SafeEntry User Guide

​Disinfecting Your Clinic General Guidelines on Environmental Management for Acute Healthcare Facilities (Source: MOH)

Seen a confirmed COVID-19 case? Apply for NEA's Cleaning Assistance Scheme to defray the cost of NEA-listed professional cleaning services

  • Read the joint release dated 17 Apr 2020 between NEA, ESG and STB here.
  • ​Read and apply here.
  • Read the FAQs here.
​​Clinic Space Management and Crowd Control ​

​​PHPC layout - Information found in circular 47/2020 (Annex A) to PHPCs on 14 Feb 2020 (login required)

Circular 47/2020

​Safe Distancing in Outpatient Clinics 

(Login required)

Circular 110/2020 - Reminder to all healthcare institutions and healthcare workers on safe distancing measures and the deferment of non-essential services during COVID-19 circuit breaker period (1 May 2020)

Annex A - Service continuity during elevated safe distancing measures period (4 Apr 2020)

Circular MH 34:24/8 - Guidance on measures to ensure safe distancing in outpatient clinics (3 Apr 2020)


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