Mobile E-care Locator (MEL) App

The Mobile Eldercare Locator (MEL), enables you to help patients to search for health and social care services, based on needs of the individuals. Caregivers may also use this app on behalf of their loved ones to search for and even contact these services providers on their behalf. 
Mel app
1. Search Functions 
  • Search by Services: A non-location specified search which allows patients/caregivers to look for health and/or social care service providers.
  • Search by Region: A location specified search which allows patients/caregivers to look for service providers based on an identified region or zone(s).
  • Search by My Current Location: A search which allows patients/caregivers  to look for service providers located around their current location, or by providing a postal code or address. 
  • Search by Service Provider: A basic search which allows patients/caregivers to browse through a list of service providers, arranged in alphabetical order.

2. Useful Tools 
  • Directions: Enables patients/caregivers to get to the location of the service provider, either through self-drive, taxi, bus or the MRT.
  • Search nearby amenities: Provides patients/caregivers with information on amenities such as F&B outlets, childcare centres located near to the service provider.
  • Call a Cab: A shortcut to dial a cab.

3. Other Useful Functions 
  • Eldercare Glossary: Provides a brief description of different terms often used topics related to eldercare.
  • Useful Contacts: A listing of contact numbers and URLs useful for caregivers and elderly receiving care.
  • Bookmarks: A function to allow users to have quick access to regular information.
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