ACE Clinical Update Service (CUES)


ACE CUES offers Singapore's nationwide educational visiting service, which provides clinical updates and key practice points through individualised (1:1) discussions to support your practice. Benefits include:

  • Unbiased and trustworthy information based on best available evidence
  • Interactive CME that contextualises the information to address your specific needs and questions
  • Different clinical topics over time (focusing on chronic disease management)
  • Useful practice tools, such as patient education aids
  • Earn CME points

This service is available to private GPs on a free-subscription basis, and sessions are by appointment (arranged for a time that suits you). While educational visiting is typically held in person with an ACE CUES staff visiting your clinic, sessions (approximately 30–40 minutes each) are conducted online via Zoom for now in light of COVID-19 precautions.

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Learn more about ACE CUES, which offers Singapore’s nationwide educational visiting service for healthcare professionals:

Find out what educational visiting is and how this CME can be of value to you and your patients.
See an overview of educational visiting with ACE CUES.
View (to download flyer)
​Read about the current clinical topic: asthma management.


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