Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) gives your clinic an integrated platform to perform claims and clinical data submissions for: 

o Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)
o Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)
o Screen For Life (SFL)
o Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC)
o Clinical Indicator Date Collection
o Notification of Communicable Diseases

If your current CMS does not provide such integration, you may wish to upgrade it to a SmartCMS. IHiS has a list of SmartCMS programme participants who are ready to help you with this integration. You can view the list from here
This issue, we will be sharing another two SmartCMS vendors here.
Plato Medical Pte Ltd
SG iMED Pte Ltd*

Plato is Singapore's most popular web based clinic management software. Plato helped thousands if healthcare professional run efficient but caring medical, dental, and allied health practices.

Plato provides comprehensive integration software such as:

  • SmartCMS integration
  • Patient centric integration
    • Allow patients to book appointments online
    • Queue reminders
    • Send custom appointment reminders and confirmations
    • Powerful templates to collect data
    • Manage patient billing electronically
  • Operation centric integration
    • Pharmacy management
    • Support billing & inventory integration
    • Track clinic's stock and maintain strong inventory controls
    • Direct lab results from Quest, Innovative and Parkway

SG iMed is all about opening up new possibilities for the healthcare sector, a sector that is heavily reliant on data. The potential is wide-ranging, encompassing how patients can be more effectively cared, the way patients, doctors and other caregivers communication, monitoring the system that can give people the greater ability to manage their own health and providing an intelligent application that can assist doctors in making better medical decision and providing better services.


HUMMINGBIRD E-Clinic by SG iMED provides comprehensive integration software such as:

  • SmartCMS integration

  • Patient-centric integration
    • Creating consultation template to save time in the future
    • Quick view of patient history
    • Provide critical patient vital and diagnostic watch list
    • Provide appointment & scheduling management

  • Operation-centric integration
    • Pharmacy management
    • Support billing & inventory transaction
    • Auto-generated reports  to track income and expenses
    • Security Access Management
    • Better management over company invoicing.
    • Lab integrations to reduce the hassle to scan into the system
    • Consistent improvements to match up with current technology requirements.


​Click here to view website.
​​Click here to view website.
*Information provided is contributed by the vendors. By listing the vendors, AIC being neutral does not endorse any vendors in any form and is for pure information sharing only. 

We had previously published other SmartCMS vendors in our January 2019 and October 2018 PCP e-newsletter issue. 

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