Which SmartCMS vendors can i engage? (III)


Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) gives your clinic an integrated platform to perform claims and clinical data submissions for: 

o Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)
o Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP)
o Screen For Life (SFL)
o Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC)
o Clinical Indicator Date Collection
o Notification of Communicable Diseases

SmartCMS also supports the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR). This allows seamless information flow between your clinic and the public healthcare system. This enables authorised healthcare professional to have a holistic picture of your patients’ history. 

If your current CMS does not provide such integration, you may wish to upgrade it to a SmartCMS. IHiS has a list of SmartCMS programme participants who are ready to help you with this integration. You can view the list from here
From this issue onwards, we will be sharing more about two SmartCMS vendors every quarter.
Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd* 
Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd*

Magicsoft Asia Systems is in the business of empowering companies to achieve their potential through cutting-edge IT services and solutions.  Magicsoft specialises in the development of a wide array of applications from wireless, mobile and web-based to two-tier and three-tier architectures. Its recent achievements include the design and development of a diverse range of leading-edge IT solutions, including Construction Management and Health Information. Its CMS, Vanda, can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dispensers or whoever holds an operational or managerial post in the clinic, pharmacy or office. 


Vanda provides comprehensive integration software such as:

  • SmartCMS integration
  • Patient centric integration:
    • Registration: Data can be easily found with filter function
    • Appointments & Calendar: SMS/email alerts to remind patient of appointment
  • Operation integration:
    • Vanda Queue System : Patient's queue number will be flash on LCD with alert sound.
    • Dispensing, Billing and Label/Invoice/Receipt Printing: Print labels for patient particulars, mailing address, dispensing drugs, suppliers address, corporate clients address, allergic drugs and doctor referral addresses.
    • Electronic filing and reading: Ensures convenience & efficiency as doctors can get templates from the Clinical Data Library for common symptoms and illnesses

Medisys is a Singapore-based leading specialist solution provider for hospitals and clinics, on a mission to help make the healthcare software to work better for everyone, from business side of healthcare to clinical and surgical documentation efficiency. Medisys solutions help healthcare institutions and private practices in their unceasing efforts to drive patient centric care, clinical, operation and cost efficiency.

Since 2004, Medisys prides itself on being a committed innovative partner of hospitals under National Healthcare Group (NHG), SingHealth, Alexandra Health (AH), Jurong Health Services (JHS), Eastern Health Alliance (EHA), Parkway Health, Raffles Medical Group (RMG) among other private healthcare providers including Q&M Dental Group.

Medisys provides comprehensive integration software such as:

  • SmartCMS integration
  • Patient centric integration
    • Supports patient registration
    • Supports continuous care with treatment plan and treatment monitoring
  • Operation integration:
    • Support payment process tracking
    • Seamless data migration from most major 3rd party software
    • Configurable software design for clinician and staff
    • Robust platform for multi-clinic setup
    • Secure ownership of software and data

​Click here to view website.
​​Click here to view website.
*Information provided is contributed by the vendors. By listing the vendors, AIC being neutral does not endorse any vendors in any form and is for pure information sharing only. 

We had previously published other SmartCMS vendors in our January 2019 and October 2018 PCP e-newsletter issue. 

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