What’s in store for you by joining the Mental Health GP Partnership Programme?


​The Mental Health GP Partnership Programme links you up to a growing integrated support network that aids you in the care of patients with stable mental health conditions, so that they can live well within the community. This is done by connecting GPs to the public hospitals in their region to facilitate knowledge sharing and the right-siting of chronic but stable patients. 

To better support you in the provision of holistic care to your patients, the Mental Health GP Partnership Programme includes:
• Community Support - This includes support from physician-led teams for escalation of cases and community allied health services for counselling and psychotherapy cases. 
• Administrative & Coordination Support – Assists with navigation of community support services and case management for your patients with mental health conditions
• Drug Procurement Support – To provide your patients with affordable psychiatric medications
• Knowledge Enhancement – The programme gives access to regular clinical sessions for your continuous learning and up skilling

Psychiatric conditions under CDMP-MI include Schizophrenia, Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety. GPs in the Shared Care or GP Partnership Programmes are able to make Medisave claims for the above-mentioned conditions.  

To learn more about becoming a Mental Health GP partner, email gp@aic.sg 
REACHing out to the mental health community 
REACH (Response, Early intervention and Assessment in Community mental Health) is a mental healthcare service. The REACH team works closely with schools, voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs), and general practitioners (GPs), to help students with emotional, social and/or behavioural issues within the community. 
This GP-School Network adds value to Singapore’s mental health landscape by caring for persons with mild or stable mental disorders in the community. The location of many GP clinics in the heartlands, coupled with the option of after-office hours and weekend consultations, make it more convenient for young patients and their caregivers.

To find out more or be part of this GP-School network, email gp@aic.sg

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