Parents 'generally positive' about HPV vaccines for students


(CNA Online, 25 Apr) About 2,700 Secondary 1 female students have received protection against the virus that causes cervical cancer, 25 days since MOH rolled out free Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in March. According to HPB, there is a 90 percent opt-in rate for the programme. 

HPB also added that the response from parents, so far, have been generally positive. Students from Pei Hwa Secondary School and Anglican High School were the latest to receive their Cervarix shots on 25 April, and HPB is aiming to vaccinate 18,000 girls from 139 secondary schools by September. Also, MOH would be offering a "catch-up" programme this year for current cohorts of female students in Secondary 2 to 5 to get vaccinated, at a one-time cost of $10 million. Watch video here.

As there will be potential increased public awareness on HPV vaccinations, MOH anticipated that there will be a demand for HPV vaccinations. We would like to seek your continual support in administrating HPV vaccinations for students whose parents who did not opt-in for the school programme, as well as individuals not covered under the school programme (e.g. females up to 26 years of age, foreign students from international schools). Additionally, MediSave use is also extended to HPV vaccination in the target group* under the MediSave500 scheme. 

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