Introduction of HPV vaccination as part of the school-based vaccination programme


As part of MOH's initiative to support Women Health, MOH announced in 2019's Committee of Supply debate that MOH will be introducing HPV vaccination- Cervarix, as part of the school-based vaccination programme in order to increase HPV vaccination coverage nationally to prevent cervical cancer.

The HPV vaccination is offered as part of the school-based vaccination programme on an opt-in basis. It will be offered to the 2019's and future Sec 1 female cohorts (from 1 Apr 2019). There will be a separate one-time catch-up programme for other secondary level females (up to Sec 4/5 in 2019) from this year.

As cervical cancer is highly preventable with vaccination, we would like to seek your continual support in administrating HPV vaccinations for students whose parents did not opt-in for the school-based vaccination programme, as well as individuals not covered under the school programme (e.g. females up to 26 years of age, foreign students from international schools). Additionally, MediSave use is also extended to HPV vaccination (only Cervarix & Gardasil 4) are covered under Medisave in the target group* under the MediSave500 scheme.

For more clarification, you may wish to contact us at 6632 1199 or

*Target group : Female Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who are 9 to 27 years old (i.e. those who have celebrated their 9th birthday and those who have not celebrated their 27th birthday) 

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