Guidance Note On Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings


Dear Doctor,


Thank you for facilitating the CO2 sampling exercise that was conducted at your clinic premises in Jun/Jul 2021. NEA is currently studying the data collected to develop strategies to reduce disease transmission risk at the various premises, amid the current COVID-19 situation. MOH will disseminate the information to the clinics, if there are further guidance issued on ventilation measures.


2.           In the meantime, you may refer to the Guidance Note on Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings amid the Covid-19 Situation issued by BCA-NEA-MOH on 25 May 21 for recommendations to enhance the ventilation of your premises, such as opening up doors and windows to maximise indoor air dilution and outdoor air intake. We have attached the Guidance Note for your reference.


3.           For any ventilation-related queries, you may contact the respective BCA, NEA or MOHH officers indicated in the Guidance Note.  


Thank you.

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