End of Epidemic Phase of Plague Outbreak in Madagascar


1 December 2017 

1.   We refer to the correspondence sent on 13 Oct 2017 informing all General Practitioners (GPs) about the plague outbreak in Madagascar.  

2.   MOH has been closely monitoring the situation in Madagascar. On 25 November, the Ministry of Health of Madagascar announced the containment of the acute urban pneumonic plague outbreak.  The World Health Organization assessed that the number of new cases had steadily declined since mid-October and the epidemic phase of the outbreak was ending. However, because plague is endemic in Madagascar and the plague season lasts from September to April, more cases of bubonic and sporadic pneumonic plague could be expected to be reported until April 2018.  

3.   While the period of heightened alert for plague in Madagascar has ended, we would like to remind all GPs that Singapore remains vulnerable to sporadic importation of the disease from plague-endemic countries. Healthcare professionals should remain vigilant and also continue to ask for travel history routinely.   

4.   Once again, we thank you for your support as our first line of care in the community.  

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