CHAS Enhancements FAQs

1. Why do we have to wait until at least 1 Jan 2014 for the enhancements?  Why not sooner?
We need to make changes to various IT systems across different institutions to effect these changes, in order for Singaporeans to receive the new benefits.  We would like to seek Singaporeans’ understanding on this.

2. Can my patient start applying for CHAS now?
Yes, your patients can start to apply for CHAS now.
If they qualify under the existing CHAS criteria, they will receive their Health Assist card within 15 working days. If they qualify under the new age/Annual Value criteria effective 1 Jan 2014, they will receive their Health Assist card from 26 Dec 2013 onwards.
Applications forms are available online at They can also get a form from any community centre and club or Community Development Council (CDC).

3. I have patients who are holding the Health Assist cards and they have household members who are below the age of 40. Do they have to reapply so that the rest of the family can benefit from CHAS too?
No, they do not need to reapply. If your patient’s Health Assist card expires after 1 Feb 14, the household members who are Singaporeans and below age 40 will receive their Health Assist cards from 26 Dec 2013 onwards.
If your patient’s Health Assist card expires before 1 Feb 14, they would have or will be receiving a notification to renew their cards. Those that are eligible for renewal will receive their cards within 15 working days from the receipt of their completed application form. Household members who are Singaporeans and below age 40 will receive their Health Assist cards from 26 Dec 2013 onwards.

Chronic conditions - CDMP/ Medisave
4. Can Medisave be used for these 5 new chronic conditions after CHAS subsidies?
Yes, Medisave can be used to help co-pay the cost of treatment after deducting the CHAS subsidy for chronic conditions. The prevailing Medisave rules and withdrawal limits would apply. 
However, some clinics may prefer to use only 1 mode of payment during 1 visit.

5. More chronic conditions have been added to CDMP. Will MOH be increasing the current Medisave withdrawal limit under CDMP?
MOH reviews the annual withdrawal limit of $400 from time to time to ensure that it effectively defrays the cost of subsidised treatments. The withdrawal limit for chronic conditions at the outpatient setting was recently increased in Jan 2012 from $300 to $400 per year. MOH will continue and explore if more Medisave can be used for outpatient treatment, while ensuring that Singaporeans continue to have enough Medisave for their retirement needs.

6. Will there be any changes to the subsidy amount since CHAS can be used for more chronic conditions?
The annual CHAS subsidy for chronic conditions was already increased in Jan 2012 from $360 to $480, depending on the income level and severity of the chronic conditions. MOH will continue to review the CHAS subsidy regularly to ensure that the charges after subsidy remain affordable for Singaporeans.

7. Medication or supplements for lifestyle purpose are not covered. What if the purpose is meant for treatment of medical conditions, for example, prescription of Vitamin B complex for giddiness and Vitamin B12 injection for joint pain? Would MOH consider allowing such claims since these are the common conditions for the elderly?
Claims for vitamins and supplements are generally not covered under CHAS. A more detailed handbook will be published before Jan 2014.

8. More chronic conditions have been added to CDMP.  Does it mean that GPs have to submit more data?
GPs would need to submit clinical indicators for the chronic conditions that have been added to CDMP. We noted feedback from GPs who have found the data submission process onerous, and are reviewing the indicators and submission process.

9. Will MOH be adding more conditions to the CDMP, after the additional 5 conditions?
MOH will constantly review the conditions under CDMP, and the need to include new conditions under CDMP, taking into consideration the prevalence and long-term cost of treatment of the condition.

10. Why were influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations particularly chosen for Medisave use?
Currently, patients can use Medisave for vaccinations under the National Childhood Immunisation Schedule.
On top of these vaccinations, MOH will be extending Medisave use to influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations. These two vaccinations have been shown in studies to effectively reduce medical complications and hospitalisations associated with these conditions in the high-risk groups, such as the very young, elderly, persons with chronic medical conditions, and those who have weak immune functions.

11. Why was Medisave usage for influenza vaccines confined to high-risk groups only, rather than all Singaporeans?
The MOH-appointed Expert Committee on Immunisation (ECI) recommended that all persons in high-risk groups should receive pneumococcal and influenza vaccinations as they are more susceptible to complications and hospitalisations due to pneumococcal and influenza infections.  Medisave use was thus extended to enhance the affordability and accessibility of these vaccinations for these groups.

Acute conditions
12. With the enhancement, will there be any changes to the current acute diagnosis list in the CHAS Online (claims portal)?
We have noted feedback from GPs that the current pre-identified list of CHAS acute conditions is limited, and will be expanding the list to facilitate holistic management of patients within the GP setting. The change would be made from 1 Jan 2014.

Integrated Screening Programme (ISP)
13. Is the subsidy of up to $18.50 per visit for doctor consultation for ISP screening restricted to CHAS GP clinics only?
Yes, the subsidy of up to $18.50 per visit is only available at CHAS GP clinics. Patients can only claim up to 2 times per calendar year.

14. What does the patient need to bring in order to receive the subsidy for (i) screening tests and (ii) doctor’s consultation for Integrated Screening Programme (ISP) screening?
To be eligible for the screening test and doctor consultation subsidy for ISP screening, the patient needs to present his/her:
NRIC and
HPB’s ISP invitation letter indicating the subsidy eligibility status of the patient and
Valid Health Assist card

15. Can I offer subsidised ISP screening to my patients who do not bring or have yet to receive their ISP invitation letters?
Yes, on condition that the patient has a valid Health Assist card and you have verified that the patient is due for screening and is eligible for subsidised screening (as below).
You can check for the patient’s subsidy eligibility via:
Accessing the service at using your Singpass (your Singpass needs to be pre-registered with HPB to access this service) or;
Accessing the CMS (ClinicWeaver System): Click on client’s NRIC via the Patient Registration screen and Consultation screen to check or;
Accessing the MOH Mediclaim eService: Click on “Integrated Screen Enquiry”, key in client’s NRIC and click on the “Check Eligibility” button.

16. How often will my patients receive the ISP invitation letters from HPB?
Your patients will receive the letters from HPB, when they are due for their screening.

17. Is the system able to identify the number of times the patient has made the claim for doctor consultation for ISP screening since the cap is 2 consultations per calendar year?
You will be able to check via CHAS Online (claims portal) the number of visit balance a patient has for ISP related screening consultation.
This is similar to the current practice, where you can log onto CHAS Online to check the patient’s CHAS chronic balance.

18. How do I go about making the claim for my patients? Is there a cut-off date for me to make the claim?
Similar to today’s claim submission for acute and chronic conditions, claims for doctor’s consultation for ISP screening can be done via CHAS Online. The cut-off date for claims submission is 30 days from the date of visit.

19. How can I find out more about HPB’s Integrated Screening Programme (ISP)?
You can call 1800-223-1313 to speak to a nurse advisor, email, or visit the HPB website at for more information.

20. As a CHAS clinic, can I not offer the ISP screening?
CHAS subsidies have been extended to cover the recommended screening tests under the ISP. As part of holistic patient care, CHAS GP clinics are required to offer the full suite of medical services subsidised under CHAS.

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