AIC expands community care teams to assist clients with mental health conditions


Over the past seven years, more than 19,000 clients have received support from community intervention teams in the form of assessments, counselling and caregiver education. Stella Lin, 50, is the main caregiver to her 88-year-old mother-in-law who has depression and dementia. Her mother-in-law’s severe mood swings had resulted in frequent tensions among the family members. Stella’s case was referred to Fei Yue Community Services’ community intervention team by a polyclinic. The team provided her with support at home to better manage her mother-in-law’s condition. There are currently 20 community intervention teams and 39 community outreach teams set up by the Agency for Integrated Care. Click here to view news video (10:09 - 12:03). 

AIC had also developed the ‘Caregiver Resource Kit’ to help caregivers to take care of their loves ones with dementia.  This enhanced kit consists of four booklets on “Knowing Dementia”, “Planning Care”, “Providing Care”, “Caring for Yourself” and a service directory provided along with this kit to provide caregivers with the necessary information of the various service providers. An online version of the booklets can also be found in Singapore Silver Pages website.
o       Part 1: Knowing Dementia
o       Part 2: Planning Care
o       Part 3: Providing Care
o       Part 4: Caring for Yourself

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