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    Mental Health GP Partnership (MHGPP)

    The Mental Health General Practitioner (GP) Partnership programme was augmented in 2012 by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to engage and enhance the capability of GPs to manage new and/or existing patients with stable mental illnesses in the community.   

    Under this programme, patients who are diagnosed with mild to moderate psychosis, depression, anxiety, bipolar and/or dementia will be right-sited. These patients are usually reviewed to be stable with at least a GAF scoring of >50.

    Current partnerships are with SGH, JHS, TTSH, and IMH. AIC aims to expand the programme to the other Restructured Hospitals (RHs) and Family Medicine Centre (FMCs).


    • To enable GPs to provide more holistic care to patients with chronic physical and/or mental illnesses, as referred by restructured hospitals (RHs)
    • To encourage patients to seek help early, as they are more familiar with their GPs hence this may also increase subsequent treatment compliance
    Support for GPs in the programme 

    Clinical Support 
    • Case discussion and escalation - This component is provided by the RH and serve as a platform for Partners to discuss management of patient in the community setting.
    • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) - Each RH has appointed a psychiatrist who serves as the SPOC should you have any clarifications or require assistance.
    • Drug Procurement support - Partners can purchase psychiatric medications at a comparable cost, which translates to more affordable treatment costs for patients.
    Community Support Services 
    • Allied health-led multi-disciplinary - The team provides counselling support to patients and their care-givers. This complements your medical care in managing patients with mild to moderate mental illness and their care-givers.
    • Physician-led multi-disciplinary - Partners can fast-track your patients to this team if the patient has more complex needs. When the patients are stable, they can be then referred back to you for management and be supported by community intervention teams.
    • Liaison Coordination - Each RH is supported by a Liaison Coordinator (LC) who coordinates patient's care to and from your clinic, community support services, RHs and/or vice versa.

    Resources for Mental Health GP Partnership 
    Mental Health GP Partnership brochure 
    Application form 
    Graduate Diploma in Mental Health (GDMH) – Structured learning to widen knowledge, skills and increase confidence in managing mental health patients. Click here for details of this course and to hear testimonies from GPs who have completed it.