​Table 1B: Risk Factors For Residents 18-39 Years Old Who Are Of High Risk Of Developing Diabetes

No Risk Factors Screening Test/Question Frequency
1 Age  At first visit/enrolment
2 Gender  At first visit/enrolment
3 Ethnicity  At first visit/enrolment
4 Family History of premature CVD   At first visit/enrolment and as required
5 Smoking  Do you smoke? Once a year
6 Obesity+ BMI Once a year
Waist circumference Once a year
7 Physical Inactivity Physical Activity Questions Once a year
8 Hyperlipidaemia+

Fasting Lipid Panel


Non-fasting Lipid Panel 

Once every 3 years; screen more frequently for individuals with family history of premature CAD or familial hyperlipidaemia
9 Hypertension+ SBP & DBP  Once every 2 years
Pulse rate  Once every 2 years
10 Diabetes+ Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool (DRAT)  Once every 2 years or more often 

+ Risk factors for metabolic syndrome

Patients aged 18–39 years old, without prior diagnosis of Diabetes, Hypertension and/or Hyperlipidaemia, but are found to be high risk based on the Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool (DRAT), are also clinically recommended to receive the above screening tests as a bundle once every 3 years, and will be eligible for the SFL subsidies and Healthier SG out-of-pocket waiver of co-payment. In effect, this will be the group of the existing PCN patients eligible to receive Care Plus Fees who are below 40 years and who will be allowed to enrol in the initial launch of Healthier SG.