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Circulars from MOH

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03 Apr 2018  Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for the 2018 Hemisphere Influenza Season (new) 
12 Mar 2018  Enhancements to Medisave400 and Flexi-Medisave 
6 Mar 2018  Listeriosis Associated with Consumption of Imported Rockmelons from Australia 
Information for Primary Care Doctors on Listeria 
21 Dec 2017  Confirmation of ZIKA virus infection by RT-PCR 
5 Dec 2017  Update on long-term safety and efficacy of Dengvaxia and recommendations for Serology testing before vaccination 
Click here to read a supplementary exploratory study conducted by Sanofi Pasteur
3 Nov 2017  Addendum to MOH Circular No. 23/2017: National Adult Immunisation Schedule - Update to recommendations for persons aged 65 years and older with anatomic or functional asplenia and immunocomprising conditions 
23 Oct 2017  Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for the 2017 - 2018 Northern Hemisphere Influenza Season  
11 Oct 2017  Eligibility for subsidised Specialist Outpatient Clinic (SOC) referrals under Screen For Life (SFL) for FIT and PAP test   
19 Sept 2017  National Adult Immunisation Schedule - Recommendations for adult vaccinations   
14 July 2017  Safeguarding Singapore against Rabies 
30 Jun 2017    Update on Influenza A/H7N9 situation  
 29 Jun 2017  Serology Testing for previous Dengue infection available in Singapore  
9 Jun 2017  Influenza Vaccination and other measures to prevent against the 2017 Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Influenza  
1 Jun 2017  Reminder to all Medical Practitioners during the Haze Period  
12 May 2017  Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) Handbook for Healthcare Professionals 2017 
26 Apr 2017  Guidelines on Post-Screening Follow-up for Enhanced Screen For Life (SFL) Subsidies at Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) General Practitioners (GP)  
9 Mar 2017  Enhanced Screen For Life (SFL) Subsidies at Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) General Practitioners (GP) Clinics 
 8 Nov 2016  Use of Dengvaxia™ in Singapore 
 28 Oct 2016  New Administrative Guidelines to Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)
FAQs for CHAS Medical Clinics 
 14 Oct 2016  Information Sheet for Doctors Counselling Pregnant Women with Zika 
 15 Sept 2016                    Clinical Guidance on the Neurological Complications of ZIKA Virus Infection
Annex E - Reporting Form for Guillain -Barre Syndrome 
 05 Sept 2016  Community Spread of ZIKA Virus Infection - Next Steps 
 01 Sept 2016  Community Spread of ZIKA Virus Infection - Potential Cluster in Bedok North Avenue 3 Area
Annex B - MOH Surveillance Submission Form 
 30 Aug 2016  Clincial Guideline on ZIKA Virus Infection and Pregnancy (Local Context)
Annex B - FAQs on ZIKA and Pregnancy
Annex C - Instructions for Sample Collection and ZIKA Testing for Pregnant Women 
 27 Aug 2016    Community Transmission of Zika in Aljunied Area - Cluster of Zika Cases Confirmed
Annex B -MOH Surveillance Submission Form 
 01 Aug 2016   Memo on Revised Functional Assessment Report
 Annex A - Functional Assessment Report

 Annex B - Guidelines for Disability Assessment    
 15 June 2016  Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis    
Annex A -MD131 Notification of Infectious Diseases Form   
 12 May 2016  Reminder to all Medical Practitioners during the Haze Period   
 22 Jun 2015  Updates on MERS-COV 
 12 Mar 2015  Extension of the CDMP and CHAS Chronic Tiers 
16 Jul 2014  Exceptional Assistance for Functional Assessment at GP Clinics for PioneerDAS 
17 May 2014  Disability Assessment for Pioneer DAS 
17 May 2014  CHAS Subsidy for the Pioneer Generation 
22 Apr 2014  Updates on MERS-COV 
28 Mar 2014  Removal of $30 Deductible for Medisave Use for Chronic Disease Treatment 
03 Mar 2014  Public Transport Concession for Persons with Disablities 
 17 Dec 2013  Expansion of Medisave use for Outpatient Treatment and CHAS  
 02 Dec 2013  Medisave Use for Outpatient Treatment - Clinical & IT System Requirements 
 29 Aug 2013  Extension of Medisave Use for Outpatient Treatment 
 29 Aug 2013  NDR Announcements on Healthcare Financing Measures 
 10 Jul 2013  Update on Closure of Practice Route into Register of Family Physicians 
 27 Jun 2013  Contingency Planning - Partnering GPs in Managing Emergency Surge 

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