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Screen for Life (SFL)

Enhanced Screen for Life (SFL) subsidies  (with effect from 1 September 2017) 

To encourage more Singaporeans to go for screening and follow-up, MOH and HPB will enhance SFL with effect from 1 September 2017. The enhanced framework described below will replace the current CHAS subsidy for health screening.
a) Subsidised health screening for all eligible Singaporeans at CHAS GP clinics, including those who do not have a CHAS or Pioneer Generation (PG) card
b) Low fixed patient co-payment for SFL screening and one post-screening consultation (if required)
i.              No charge for PG cardholders ;
ii.             $2 for CHAS cardholders; and
iii.            $5 for all other Singaporeans.
c) New GP remuneration framework for screening and one post-screening consultation (if required)

In line with MOH’s vision for “One Singaporean, One Family Doctor”, and to make screening and follow-up accessible to Singaporeans, all CHAS GP clinics are required to offer SFL subsidies with effect from 1 September 2017. We believe this will support the shift towards primary care leading screening and anchoring chronic disease management in the community. 

MOH will also launch the online Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA) tool on 1 September 2017 as part of the efforts to go upstream in preventing diabetes. As part of a three-year pilot, the enhanced SFL subsidies for cardiovascular screening will be extended to individuals aged 18 – 39 years old who have been assessed to be ‘at risk’ of diabetes via the DRA

There will be a Primary Care Lunchtime Talk which will cover Enhanced Screen For Life. Click on the banner below to register for the talk.

Enhanced Screen for Life (SFL) Resources * (Please click on the title to view and download the resources) 

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Useful Contacts to support clinic in administering SFL 

For SFL related enquiries for clinics: Agency for Integrated Care
Tel: 6632 1199; Email: gp@CHAS.sg 

For assistance and support, please contact your CHAS account manager in your CDC zone. 
Click here to find your CDC zone via the clinic’s postal code


 For HPB’s lifestyle follow-up programmes related enquiries:
- Take Charge - Tel: 9199 4105
- Diabetes Prevention Programme - Email: HPB_nurse_educator@hpb.gov.sg 

Appointed laboratories:
- Parkway Laboratory Services (for cardiovascular risk, cervical cancer and colorectal cancer screening)
Tel: 6278 9188; Email: enquiries_pls@parkway.com.sg;
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday (8am to 4.30pm) and Saturday (8am to 12.30pm), excluding public holidays

- BioMedix c/o Quest Laboratories (for colorectal cancer screening)
Tel: 9101 0340; Email: customer_service@biomedix.com.sg;
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday (9am to 6pm), excluding public holidays

 For public enquiries and feedback,:
Please direct patients to call HPB HealthLine at 1800 223 1313, visit http://screenforlife.sg or www.hpb.gov.sg

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