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Vaccination Guide

Vaccination is a cornerstone of public health interventions in the control of infectious diseases. 

Recommended Vaccines by Disease/Infection  

Name                                 Materials* (click on the the title to view and download)
Influenza Recommendations for the use of seasonal influenza vaccination 
Pneuomoccal Updated recommendations on Pneumococcal Vaccination 
Tetanus Therapeutic Products Guidance on Import and Supply of an Unregistered Therapeutic Product for Patients' Use
Click here for the letter from MOH - Vaccines for Tetanus in Wound Management dated 23 May 2017                                                                  
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)        Click here to read about Gardasil 9 vaccination for Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


Title  Purpose 
Childhood Immunisation Click here*to read the Childhood Immunisation Programme in Singapore   
Adult Immunisation Schedule  Click here* to read the National Adult Immunisation Schedule - Recommendations for Adult Vaccinations
Medisave use for recommended Adult Vaccinations Click here* to read the Medisave use for recommended Adult Vaccinations
Mammal Bites & Scratches A Management Guide for Clinicians- A one-page guidance for clinicians of the management of animal bites by TTSH Travel Health Clinic  

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