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Primary Care Networks (PCNs)


PCN Sample

Primary care forms the foundation of our healthcare system. General Practitioners, like yourself, look after 80% of our primary care needs. Located in close proximity to your patients’ homes, you play an instrumental role in the management of the increasingly complex chronic disease patient population.  

To support your role in providing the first and continuous line of care, funding and administrative support is now available to you under the Primary Care Network scheme. 

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a network of like-minded GPs, approximately 10 or more GPs, resourced to provide holistic team-based care for their chronic disease patients in the community with the support of nurses and primary care coordinators. 

The launch of PCN Application Call on 1 April 2017 aims to give GPs an opportunity to organize themselves and form their own Primary Care Networks (PCNs). In the longer term, Ministry of Health is committed to scaling up the PCNs to better support GPs. 

Key elements of the Primary Care Network scheme: 

• Manpower Support: Roving team of nurses and allied health professionals to bring you convenient access to services, such as diabetic foot and eye screening, nurse counselling and care coordination, so as to enable you to provide team-based care. 

• Administrative Support: To have a Chronic Disease Registry (CDR) to better monitor your patients’ clinical outcomes. A CDR provides you a systematic way of keeping track of your patients’ data including clinical indicators. It can also help you in evaluating and bench-marking your clinical outcomes in chronic disease management against other GP clinics in your PCN as well as to national standards.

• Development Support: Funding for facility or equipment cost required to provide ancillary services and to better support and equip the PCNs in providing chronic disease management in the community.

• IT Funding: IT funding and support will also be provided to encourage GPConnect sign-up. Funding also includes digitalization costs of patient records for PCN GPs who adopted GPConnect.  This level of support can also strengthen your clinic’s operations and increase productivity through seamless submission of claims for national schemes such as CHAS and CDMP. 

• Professional Development: You will have access to training funds targeted at training courses related to achieving optimal clinical outcomes such as quality improvement workshops or CME-accredited courses.

• PCN Care Plus Fee:  Additional funding to better care for all of your patients (under the PCN GP’s Chronic Disease Registry who are Singaporeans and PRs) with complex chronic and diabetic conditions.  

If you would like to form or join a PCN, please contact us at gp@aic.sg and we will arrange to meet up with you for a discussion.
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 Alternatively, you can email us at gp@aic.sg to request for a copy of the PCN application form.


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