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CHAS Monthly Quick Tip

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As part of improving the clinic’s experience with CHAS, this platform will serve as a friendly reminder on the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of CHAS administration. 

Here are the CHAS monthly quick tip for your reference:


Oct 2017 Let's proactively ask for patient's CHAS/PG card during registration 
Sept 2017 A new claims portal is coming your way in Q2 2018 
Aug 2017 Getting your clinic ready for Enhanced Screen for Life in a few simple steps! 
July 2017 Going beyond the call of duty to support your CHAS patients 
June 2017 Changes to Health Assist Cards 
May 2017 Can I claim CHAS for over-the-counter prescription and other related charges? 
April 2017 How can I tally the clinic’s paid claims with my bank’s payment advice? 
March 2017 Let's work together towards better audit compliance! Part II
February 2017  Let's work together towards better audit compliance! Part I 
Janaury 2017 Claiming for CHAS Acute Conditions as part of CHAS Chronic Claim 


December 2016 New CHAS Administrative Guidelines 
November 2016 The revised clauses of CHAS 
October 2016 Are you ready to issue itemised bills? 
September 2016 Need help for rectification of wrongly submitted claims?  
August 2016 Having difficulty to reconcile your monthly CHAS reimbursements with your claim submission? 
July 2016 Helpful tips for submitting CHAS claims 
June 2016 Helpful tips for CHAS Financial Counselling 
May 2016 Patient Consent Form (PCF) 
April 2016 Respective card for verification 


 If you wish to receive the CHAS Monthly Quick Tip from us, please provide us your email address in our enquiry form here.


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