​​MBS@Gov is a digital service for private medical practitioners and dialysis centres to submit claims for the government’s share of medical bills incurred by civil servants, pensioners and their dependants. Eligible officers can be identified by the Public Service Card or Civil Service Card. 

How does MBS@Gov work? What should I do? 

MBS@Gov has a simple workflow with a clear user interface. Clinics will first verify the patient’s eligibility in the MBS@Gov portal. Upon entering the patient’s details, MBS@Gov will prompt the clinic on the amount to be collected from the patient. 

Can I apply? 
You are eligible to join MBS@Gov if you are a General Practitioner or Dialysis Centre who is licensed under the Private Hospitals & Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act.

Can I use MBS@Gov if I am already on CHAS? 
Yes, you can apply both CHAS and MBS@Gov to the same medical bill. Please note that the amount entered into MBS@Gov should be NET of other national subsidises such as CHAS/PGP. For example, if the total bill is $50 and the CHAS subsidy is $28.50, the amount to be entered to MBS@Gov is $21.50 (Net of national subsidy).

How to apply? 
Please download the registration documents from www.esp.gov.sg and send it to the Accountant-General’s Department. Your application will be processed within 2-3 weeks after submitting the necessary documents. Clinics are also required to set up CorpPass to access MBS@Gov.

How can I find out more about MBS@Gov? 
You may refer to the MBS@Gov User Guide at www.esp.gov.sg. If you have any queries, you may log a helpdesk ticket under ‘Contact Us’ and their officers will respond within 1 working day.

Click here to access to MBS@Gov.

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