ISSUE 18    |    FEB 2020
Regional Primary Care Dialogue
Sessions with SMS Lam Pin Min
More than 130 GP partners attended four regional primary care dialogue sessions with Senior Minister of State (Health and Transport) Dr Lam Pin Min held between 26 October and 16 November 2019. These sessions were jointly organised by AIC and MOH with the objective of creating a platform for GPs to interact with SMS Lam to understand MOH’s Primary Care policies and plans. At the same time, GPs also provided MOH with insights and feedback to help strengthen and refine existing Primary Care initiatives.

The broad topics discussed revolved around:
a) The Primary Care Vision
b) Enhanced chronic disease management
in Primary Care
There were interactive discussions on Primary Care transformation and the current work towards our vision of “One Singaporean, One Family Doctor”. GPs had the opportunity to share their views on the various Primary Care initiatives implemented by MOH, and anchoring chronic disease management in Primary Care. GPs also voiced their concerns about professional autonomy when managing chronic diseases in the community.
This event affirms the strong partnership between the public and private sector in shaping our Primary Care landscape, moving in tandem to meet the healthcare needs of our nation.
Thank you for attending the sessions! If you were not able to join us, you are welcome to share your views and feedback with us at or
Updates on Screen for Life
Thank you for being our key partner in the Screen for Life (SFL) programme. Here are some updates to SFL since November 2019:
A. Digitalised SFL registration form
To reduce the administrative load of manual completion of SFL registration forms and to ensure print quality of the duplicate copies, an editable PDF version of the form is now available. Clinics can pre-fill their details, and attach a copy of the form to each lab sample. The editable form will also help to ensure accuracy and legibility of the details indicated for lab and claims processing. The form can be found here.
B. Resolution of SFL appeal claims
MOH has approved SFL appeal claims that fall within specific categories. These claims will be reprocessed in MOH Healthcare Claims Portal progressively from end December 2019 onwards. Clinics can check the status of the claims via MHCP or your respective Clinic Management System. Approved claims will be paid in the next payment cycle. Click here for more details of the categories of appeal claims.
Claim limits for CHAS acute visit: What
does 24 claims across clinics, per
patient, per calendar mean?
The 24 claims for acute visits across clinics, per patient, per calendar year limit was implemented on 1 January 2020. This annual cap is in addition to the existing cap of up to four acute claims per patient, per clinic, per month.
To help clinics have a better understanding of the cap limits for acute visits, the team has put together a list of scenarios to help you with the administration of CHAS. Read on to find out more.
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Considering to be a severe disability scheme assessor
To strengthen long-term care for Singaporeans, MOH introduced the Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) in October 2019. This is in addition to CareShield Life, which will be implemented in mid-2020. To ensure that more Singaporeans are able to receive the support they need, MOH has also revised the assessment framework to provide assessors with more pointers to assess cognitive impairment.
Patients who wish to make a claim under any severe disability scheme will have to visit an MOH-accredited assessor to obtain an Assessor’s statement. Assessment fees have been increased from $50 to $100 for clinic-based assessments and from $150 to $250 for house-call assessments. For other disability schemes, patients can visit any GP to obtain a Functional Assessment Report. Read more on for more details of the severe disability scheme.
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Mental Health
Be a part of the network of GPs to provide mental healthcare
With 15% of adults with chronic conditions also developing a mental health condition, family doctors can play a part to provide the necessary early identification and treatment. This enables your patients to be continually supported by you and other community services for mental health care.
The Mental Health General Practitioner (GP) Partnership Programme is a national initiative by MOH and AIC to strengthen and improve access to mental health services.
Read on to find out how can you play a part.
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Scheme administration made easier with SmartCMS: More vendors are offering SmartCMS programme
Currently, there is a total of 13 Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) participants who have the capability to support the enhanced CHAS requirements implemented on 1 November 2019. SmartCMS provides your clinic with an integrated platform to perform claims and clinical data submissions for:
Community Health Assist Scheme
Chronic Disease Management Programme
Screen For Life
Public Health Preparedness Clinic
Clinical Indicator Data Collection
Notification of Communicable Diseases
If your current CMS does not provide such integration, you may wish to upgrade to a SmartCMS. The list of vendors can be found here.
How can AIC help you?
With the merger of Pioneer Generation Office (PGO) and AIC, we have strengthened our capability and capacity to outreach and be the central implementation agency to co-ordinate services for seniors and their caregivers. PGO (now renamed Silver Generation Office, SGO) serves as the outreach arm of AIC.
GPs are one of our key partners in caring for seniors within the care continuum and we seek your support to continue our mission to reach out to seniors who require assistance with a more targeted approach. We recognise that you may have patients who require more than medical needs; you may refer them to AIC if you think that these seniors and their caregivers may benefit from the schemes and services that we help to administer.
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Check out the complied CHAS Quick Tip for year 2019
We appreciate our CHAS GP partners for your support in 2019. The enhanced CHAS schemes were successfully rolled out on 1 November 2019 and we are glad that GPs and clinics were proficient and ready for the transition. For your easy reference, we have summarised 2019’s monthly Quick Tips here. If you have any queries or require assistance, you can contact us at 6632 1199 or
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