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About Primary Care Pages

An initiative by the Agency Integrated Care (AIC), Primary Care Pages aims to support you, General Practitioners (GPs), in caring for your patients by being a one-stop resource hub. The Primary Care Engagement team (PCE) is committed to provide you with up-to-date information on schemes and new primary care initiatives and to provide a personal concierge service experience when you contact us for any primary care - related issue. 

The key features of Primary Care Pages seek to provide resources to support and keep GPs updated of the latest developments within the Primary Care Sector.  

Primary Care Pages provides a vast database for information through a single point of access for GPs. With resources ranging from Chronic Diseases to Drugs and Health Products, searching for information is now made easier with just a few clicks of the mouse.

For GPs who are seeking to better themselves, a Calendar of Events is continually updated with upcoming trainings and symposiums to gain a deeper understanding of their Primary Care field. These events also give you an opportunity to network with fellow peers and other healthcare colleagues such as specialists from the tertiary institutions.  

Here is the wide range of resources found in this portal:

The Primary Care Pages - The Online Gateway for General Practitioners. 

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