​A good clinic management system (CMS) automates day-to-day administration and management of tasks in GP clinics. It streamlines clinic management processes such as patient record management, prescription and dispensing, and medical billing and payment. Since Dec 2015, certain CMS models also have a SmartCMS function which allows integration with public healthcare systems, enabling clinics to claim for subsidies e.g. CHAS, Haze Subsidy Scheme, etc. on behalf of eligible patients.  In addition to that, various CMSes have also integrated with various laboratory systems.

Clinics will need to adopt a Healthier SG-compatible CMS and contribute to NEHR in order to participate in Healthier SG.  A Healthier SG-compatible clinic CMS will possess the following attributes:

  • Be approved to contribute data to NEHR
  • Be certified by a third-party assessor that baseline cybersecurity requirements are fulfilled
  • Is integrated with the core suite of Healthier SG web services e.g. enrolment, care reporting, etc. in addition to existing web services
  • Has fulfilled data portability standards

You may refer to this guide developed by MOH to find out more about adopting a Healthier SG-compatible clinic management system.

Please refer to the list below for the contacts for vendors of the various CMS products:

  • Clinic Assist: enquiry@eclinic.com.sg
  • GalenHealth: inquiry@galenhealth.io
  • GPConnect: GPIT@ihis.com.sg
  • Hummingbird E Clinic (SGiMED): sales@sgimed.com
  • Plato: support@platomedical.com
  • UNO: hello@unotech.io
You may also refer to this link for more information on SmartCMS and CMS vendors.