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National Surveillance Programme

National Surveillance Programme (Influenza and HFMD)  

MOH routinely tests samples obtained from clinics, polyclinics and hospitals for influenza viruses. The main objective of this surveillance programme is to monitor and identify changes in circulating viruses early to enable the detection of impending outbreaks of influenza. 

The MOH’s national surveillance programme for influenza is also part of the World Health Organization (WHO) international laboratory-based surveillance network aimed at detecting the emergence and spread of new antigenic variants of influenza. Information derived from the surveillance programme contributes towards the formulation of influenza vaccines. 

The influenza surveillance programme is on-going during both outbreak and non-outbreak periods, and is carried out alongside the National Surveillance Programme for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) which plays an integral role in the monitoring and control of circulating enteroviruses. 


What is required of a GP participating in this programme?   

You will need to provide MOH with respiratory samples taken from your patients with influenza-like symptoms (fever > 38.0 deg C and cough) or HFMD. MOH will provide all the necessary consumables (swabs and media) for collection of sample.

Apart from contributing to the national surveillance and prevention efforts, the programme provides a platform for the exchange of health information between MOH and yourself. You will be provided with the results of the submitted influenza samples from your patients within a week of receipt of samples and will also receive information on the monthly influenza and HFMD trends through email.


How do I sign up for this programme? 

Please complete the registration form and email to us at gp@aic.sg 


Resources for National Surveillance Programme  

          Influenza               HFMD            
Combined Influenza and HFMD surveillance forms   Download 
Training slides on National Surveillance Programme Influenza Download  N.A
Training slides on National Surveillance Programme HFMD  N.A Download 
MOH Influenza Circular 27/2017 - Seasonal Influenza Vaccination for the 2017-2018
Northern Hemisphere Influenza Season
Download  N.A
Patient information sheet Download  Download 
FAQs Download  N.A
Registration form

Should you have any queries or feedback regarding the programmes, please email moh_national_surveillance@moh.gov.sg.





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