ISSUE 17   |   OCT 2019
Regional Primary Care Dialogue sessions with SMS Dr Lam Pin Min
In line with our continued efforts to enhance and anchor chronic disease management in primary care, AIC and MOH are jointly organising a series of Regional Primary Care dialogue sessions in October and November 2019. These dialogue sessions will be hosted by Senior Minister of State (Health) Dr Lam Pin Min. Join us for an afternoon of sharing and exchange of views on primary care transformation. We would love to hear how we can support you better in delivering and anchoring care in the community.
The available dates are as below.
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26 October 2019 : Mandarin Orchard
02 November 2019 : Capri by Fraser Changi City
09 November 2019 : Mandarin Orchard
16 November 2019 : Park Avenue Rochester
Key enhancements to CHAS from
1 November 2019
To support you in CHAS administration, we have compiled some key information about the enhancements as well as clarifications to common queries. Read on to find out more and get ready by 1 November.
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Prepare for Public Health
Emergencies - Join the Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPC) scheme
The PHPC scheme is part of MOH’s effort to partner GPs to better care for patients during public health emergencies and is a critical part of our national emergency preparedness efforts.
During peacetime, it is key for GPs and clinic staff under the PHPC scheme to carry on getting training and to be well-prepared to offer care when there is a national emergency.
You can now refresh your knowledge by completing an e-learning course on MOH’s E-Learning Management System (ELMS). One CME core point is awarded upon completion. Click here for more information on the
e-learning course. Should you like to come on-board PHPC, please contact your CHAS account managers.
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Check out our revamped Advance Care Planning (ACP) page in Primary Care Pages!
By starting timely Advanced Care Planning (ACP) conversations with your patients, it enables them to begin thinking of their care plans in times of unexpected situations. You may check out our new video which addresses the journey of how an elderly voluntarily completed her ACP to state her care preferences. It also shares frequent questions and concerns from family members on the concept of planning for care alternatives. The available resource also helps GPs to start by initiating 3 questions to get the thinking process of ACP started. Advanced Care Planning is for all, regardless of age.
If you are interested to become an ACP facilitator, please get in touch with us at or approach your respective account managers.
Vist the ACP page
Dementia Care and Support at home – Caregiver Resource Kit available online
Today, there are 28,000 people aged 60 years-old and above living with dementia. By 2030, this number will increase to 80,000. In fact, one in every 10 people aged 60 years-old and above will have dementia, as found by recent Well-being of the Singapore Elderly (WiSE) nationwide study. Do you have patients who forget how to do things that they are normally very familiar with, or repeat phrases and stories unknowingly in the same conversation? These can be the symptoms of dementia.
AIC has developed new resources for people to understand more about dementia. The ‘Caregiver Resource Kit’ produced in four parts, compiles information, practical tips, activities and resources for loved ones with dementia. It is designed to address challenging concerns and help caregivers better cope with their caregiving journey.
This kit consists of four parts (click on each part to access the online version):
Knowing Dementia,
Planning Care,
Providing Care,
Caring for Yourself
This kit also comes with a service directory to offer caregivers information on the various service providers.
A well spent Saturday afternoon for our GP partners – What can Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) providers offer?
On 24 August 2019, more than 20 GP partners joined us at our inaugural event where Smart Clinic Management System (SmartCMS) providers shared how their solutions can better support the clinics and GPs. It was a well spent Saturday for our GP partners who clarified their queries with the service providers directly.
Are you still considering adopting a SmartCMS? Tapping on a SmartCMS simplifies your clinic’s operations, administration and promotes productivity. The direct integration to the administration of national schemes streamlines your business process. You can then better utilize resources to increase patient outreach and focus on holistic care. Click here to find out more about SmartCMS.
Don’t miss the August CHAS Quick Tip – Avoid the common errors flagged out by
CHAS Audit
As we approach the Enhanced CHAS implementation in November 2019, we would like to take this time to address common misconceptions you might have on the guidelines, and share common audit findings highlighted during the latest audit cycle. If you are unsure, please contact your CHAS Account Manager for further clarification.
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A GP Partner in the West region
The monthly CHAS Quick Tips are useful information for the clinic.
A GP Partner in the North Region
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